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September is a great month as the weather is just right – not too cold and not too hot – but also because it hosts our annual event @TheEdge. @TheEdge 2019 took place on September 26th on the banks of Lake Garda in Italy. We were joined by over 200 people – our team, our partners, friends, and customers – for a day of exciting IT talks in the picturesque landscape of Vittoriale degli Italiani. In case you’ve missed it or you want to relive it, here is the story of the event.


Good views and good company

In organizing the event, we have been joined by our sponsors S3S, Fortinet, NPO Sistemi, and General Computers, to whom we are very thankful for their participation!

Our day was off to a good start, with all of us gazing on the amazing view of lake Garda while having our morning coffee. After coffee and introductions, we have stepped into the auditorium, where we took a mental trip through time to remember how Syneto has started and what our journey has been so far. The introductions were made by the famous presenter Natasha Stefanenko, who challenged our founder Marco Lorenzi to talk about his experience and his work with Syneto.

Learn from the past, build towards the future

At Syneto, we always think about the future. As a company, we handle present challenges, while also anticipating trends and planning for them. And this was the main topic in Vadim Comanescu’s presentation. As our products have been designed to handle our customers’ data, we must have a look at what all this data involves. Traditionally, data is segregated into two categories: primary data (production data, data which is in use) and secondary data (backups, testing, analytics etc.). But this line is slowly blurring, as data is becoming the new “currency” and as we find new ways to use it. Our products are meant to meet the challenges arising from these changes…

New products for a new mission

And speaking about our products – during the event, our team has offered our guests some insight into the direction our products will be taking from now on:

  • Introducing the Syneto virtual appliance, which is a deployment scenario in which the Syneto hyperconverged data management platform runs as a virtualized entity inside a pre-existing IT infrastructure; this deployment offers the same features and benefits as other Syneto products.
  • New products, coming soon: The blurred line between primary and secondary data will not make your IT life more difficult, but simpler. That is why we will be launching new products fitted for this transformation soon…
  • Introducing Syneto Academy: a simple, fast and accessible way of getting familiar with Syneto technology. All our partners that have joined the Channel Challenge now have access to our “Syneto Academy” courses – for more details, please contact your dedicated account manager.
  • Syneto CENTRAL, our cloud services platform, has recently reached our customers and we are planning to add new features in the upcoming months. Read more about Syneto CENTRAL, here.

Seeing is believing

Our products speak for themselves and we appreciate it when we have positive feedback from our customers. We were joined @TheEdge by two of our customers, Edison and Erregierre, who have done us the honor of speaking about their experience with Syneto products.

Why did they choose Syneto? Simplicity and ease of management were one factor. Efficiency another. Last but not least, they have been impressed with their first Syneto demo, which has been an accurate demonstration of the product’s power. If you are curious to get a personalized demo, you can schedule one by using this form.

“Every little boy wants to be an astronaut” – Paolo Nespoli is one

Our mission is to help our customers overcome their IT challenges. At the same time, we love a good challenge ourselves. That’s why this year we have invited Paolo Nespoli, astronaut and engineer of the European Space Agency (ESA), to talk about overcoming challenges: “A challenge is an exploration”, said Paolo Nespoli. “We must not let risks stop us, but analyze them and turn them into opportunities. Only in this way will it be possible to aim higher and make a difference ” – We share this philosophy 100%.

As Natasha Stefanenko put it while introducing Mr. Nespoli “every boy wants to be an astronaut” – and Paolo Nespoli is a real one and an inspiration to all of us.

In summary…

We are very grateful to everybody that has made this event possible! For those of you who wish to relive the event, here is a short visual summary: