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When choosing an IT product or service, the product’s support offering is an important factor. Will you get help in case anything bad happens? Will this help reach you promptly? The need for good support in case of a negative event is obvious. But modern companies, like Syneto, have taken their support offerings one step further, with pro-active support. But you are probably wondering: what is pro-active support?


What is pro-active support?

Pro-active customer support is a way of going beyond „reactive” support and anticipating customers’ needs. It involves identifying and resolving end-user issues before they become real problems. “Traditional” support services are reactive support services. They involve a support mechanism in which a business (specifically, its support team) waits for customers to reach out whenever they have an issue. The downside of this approach is that the customer will contact the support team only after a negative event has taken place and the damage has been done. The support then functions as a “reactive” service and only steps in for problem-solving purposes.

Proactive support, on the other hand, allows the support team within a business to pro-actively monitor the product/service, but also to intervene promptly and to avoid for problems to happen. While pro-active support cannot stop all negative events, it can help avoid some problems; it can also reduce the time an organization dedicates to problem-solving tasks, transferring these tasks to the vendor’s side.

Syneto’s SerenITy pro-active support

With SerenITy, Syneto takes its support offering to the next level. SerenITy is Syneto’s pro-active support service, which allows the active encrypted monitoring of a Syneto IT infrastructure to anticipate and prevent failures. For example, when SerenITy is activated, the Syneto support team can intervene promptly in case of a disk failure, thus saving the customer’s time and avoiding the scenario of full data loss.

SerenITy is a part of Syneto CENTRAL, Syneto’s cloud service platform.