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The hybrid cloud is not only „here to stay”, but it is also evolving. Over 91% of companies consider it the ideal model for business management. In the era of the digital economy, it offers a considerable competitive advantage. This makes it increasingly necessary to integrate the capabilities of on-premise infrastructure with cloud agility. Syneto CENTRAL represents Syneto’s first step in this direction and a central piece of the Syneto data management puzzle.

What is Syneto CENTRAL?

Syneto CENTRAL is a cloud services platform designed to enhance the HYPERSeries’ promise of simplicity, speed, and security. It is designed to help you centralize the use of IT resources while simplifying operations and offering greater speed and better protection.

Syneto CENTRAL completes Syneto’s product offering, by helping you make the most out of Syneto products. It represents the starting point of a cloud service offering designed to support the company’s products. In the long run, Syneto CENTRAL will complement Syneto’s product range, as part of a reliable hybrid cloud solution.

For now, it offers two distinct services designed to optimize the management of the hyperconverged environment:

  • Fleet management service: a unified cloud interface for managing all resources.
  • SerenITy – a proactive support management service.

Simpler IT with a fleet management service

One of the services provided by Syneto CENTRAL is represented by its fleet management service, a simple way of monitoring all Syneto machines, but also additional services like support and product documentation.


What are the benefits that a fleet management service offers?

  • Simple monitoring – of all Syneto machines in one place, within the same interface.
  • All product documentation can be found in one place.
  • All support information, like support level and duration, can also be found here; moreover, notifications regarding support plans are automatically issued.

Stay serene with pro-active support

Support and maintenance activities take time. As this is not a productive side of the business, we believe that the time invested in such operations should be minimized. One way this can be done is through pro-active support.

The second service currently embedded in Syneto CENTRAL is SerenITy, Syneto’s pro-active support service. SerenITy simplifies and accelerates support services; it offers personalized service and intelligently monitors Syneto machines to preventively identify issues.

How does SerenITy work?

Traditionally, support operations follow a pattern:

  1. A problem occurs.
  2. The problem is detected by the user.
  3. The user notifies the support team.
  4. The support team looks into the matter.
  5. The support team solves the problem.

The SerenITy pro-active support service offers a more time-efficient resolution, narrowing the resolution to the following steps:

  1. A problem occurs.
  2. The support team is notified of the issue.
  3. The support team solves the problem in a fast manner, as it has already received all the information it needed.

With SerenITy, the problem is solved right after it happens, skipping a few of the steps involved in the “traditional” resolution process and thus saving your time. The ability to intervene is no longer limited to a company’s ability to monitor resources through internal tools but rests on Syneto services.

The service uses a remote monitoring system whose communications are encrypted, but also intervention procedures that include the automatic opening of a support ticket, allowing Syneto engineers to intervene proactively and promptly. As a result, SerenITy can reduce problem resolution times by 40%.

The service is currently offered free of charge to all Syneto customers who have already activated the “Pro” or “Mission Critical” support and maintenance plans. To see if your business qualifies for SerenITy or to find out more about how to access SerenITy, please get in touch with our team.