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Simplify, accelerate, protect. That is our motto because we believe that is what should happen to your IT operations. Simplification and acceleration are meant to save you time and resources, while protection – well, we all know how important it is to protect an organization’s assets nowadays.

Simplify, accelerate, protect – the 3 pillars behind Syneto products

Syneto has embraced this motto when developing its products, but also when delivering them. The experience of purchasing, installing and owning a Syneto product has been optimized to be fast and simple, while protecting our customer’s assets.


Why accelerate IT?

Things – projects, tasks – take time. But your IT shouldn’t take too much of your time. At Syneto, we want to reduce the time you need to dedicate to IT operations so that you can focus on developing your business.

A simple and efficient way of managing the IT side of the business will mean that you, as an owner or an employee, will have more time and resourced to dedicate to actually developing the business and creating visible value for your organization.

What does an accelerated IT experience look like?

The Syneto HYPERSeries is a “plug-and-play” appliance that can be up-and-running with just a few quick steps. Once you unpack your new Syneto solution, you will find a “Quick start Guide” that will teach you how to install your new appliance quickly and easily. This is a 1-page document, because that is all it takes.

Moreover, all of our products are delivered with pre-installed SynetoOS. Our OS is configured and ready to be used as soon as it reaches you. Moreover, starting with SynetoOS 4.4, you can migrate your VMs from your old IT infrastructure in just a few clicks.

But the true “magic” only happens once you start enjoying your IT infrastructure…

4 ways Syneto accelerates your IT tasks

Syneto accelerates the deployment and management of its solutions through a series of actions and features, including by automating actions as much as possible. Here are 4 features that accelerate your IT:

0 response-time management UI

Syneto’s mission to accelerate IT is strongly reflected in the lighting-fast UI of SynetoOS which is faster than ever – faster than any disaster.

Built to improve operational efficiency, SynetoOS also includes:

  • A setup wizard that accelerates unit deployment.
  • A fast step-by-step guide which ensures nothing is overlooked.

5-second file-level recovery

Syneto products allow instant backups of any data, regardless of size. But this data isn’t just easily saved, but also restored. And it is a simple, time-machine-like restore. Within just 1 click and 5 seconds, any data is restored – without data copy or storage provisioning.

30-second full VM-level recovery

Because the data you need sometimes usually consists of applications, it is important to have them back as soon as possible. 30 seconds should be enough. A VM can be recovered this fast, without you losing any time, data or business opportunities.

15-minute full-site disaster recovery

How much time can you afford to lose in case of a disaster? As little as possible. With Syneto you can recover everything and be up and running in 15 minutes after a disaster hits. No doubts, no uncertainty, certain recovery.

For Disaster Recovery purposes, you can use either on- or off-site incremental data replication. That is your choice, but restoring will offer always-consistent data.

Are you ready to accelerate your IT?! Get in touch with our team to find out more about how your IT operations can be accelerated with Syneto.