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Focchi is a leading company in the curtain walling sector. The company has been established in 1914 and has since expanded to create impressive works all over the world. With a global presence and big architecture projects, Focchi needed to find an IT infrastructure to support their work. Here is why they have chosen Syneto:

Why choose a new IT infrastructure?

A modern company requires modern IT. The company was faced with the challenge of having to replace an old IT infrastructure, that was no longer permitting them to use their resources efficiently. Focchi was, therefore, looking for a solution that would allow them to optimize their IT assets while taking advantage of the benefits that virtualization offers.

As any other modern company, Focchi is also afraid of common IT threats like ransomware, malware and various viruses. To keep their work safe, the company also needed to ensure complete data protection and reliable Disaster Recovery.

On their quest to solve all these IT challenges, the team at Focchi decided to look into Syneto solutions.

How did Syneto help Focchi?

Focchi had been impressed by Syneto’s reputation on the Italian market and had therefore decided to see if the products could fit their needs. They were impressed by the assistance provided by Syneto, but also by the quality of the product.

The company has chosen a Syneto hyperconverged solution that has helped them solve all of their IT challenges. The solution now accommodates all the company’s resource-intensive applications used for 3D design (CAD and BIM), as well as the company’s SQL databases. It also provides complete data protection and reliable Disaster Recovery.

The new Syneto infrastructure has proven to be an excellent choice, as it outperforms the previous physical servers owned by the company on every level.

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