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It’s a fast complicated world, but your IT can be fast and simple, instead of complex. We have chosen the mission to simplify, accelerate and protect IT operations through our products and we are committed to this mission with every update we create for SynetoOS. And we are currently happy to celebrate that our SynetoOS has just turned 4.4.

What is faster than a disaster? The answer is: SynetoOS 4.4

Our latest version of SynetoOS focuses on improving operational efficiency, operational recovery and disaster recovery. This translates into great time savings for our customers. How exactly? Click “play” on the video below to find out:

And here is a breakdown of the main benefits that SynetoOS 4.4 has to offer:

Faster than any disaster with lightning-fast UI

Do you need something done yesterday? That is an uncomfortable situation but we know it’s real and problematic. With our products, we aim to accelerate IT operations, so that you can have things done as soon as possible. Perhaps not yesterday – but very close to “now”.

This mission to accelerate IT is strongly reflected in SynetoOS 4.4, as its lightning-fast UI is now faster than ever. Faster than any disaster.

But don’t take our word for it – here is how fast it is:

Save time with simplified VM migration

In addition to needing things done yesterday, you probably have to dedicate your time to get several things done at once. How can SynetoOS 4.4 save more of your time? By reducing the amount of time you would normally need to migrate VMs – traditionally, a multi-step, time-consuming operation, that has little immediate impact on the business. Yes, it has to be done, but let’s find a simpler way.

On SynetoOS 4.4 migration is no longer a slow manual operation. With just a few clicks, you can migrate your VMs from your old infrastructure (other ESXi host) to the new Syneto appliance. Let the product do the work, while you dedicate your time to pressing matters.

But how does this VM migration work?

Step 1: Go to “Virtual Machines” section and click the “Migrate” button in the top-center of the screen. click the “Select VMs” button to bring up the host connection interface.

Step 2: Input your ESXi hosts IP/hostname and the proper credentials.

Step 3: SynetoOS automatically scans the ESXi host for available VMs. Choose the VM which you want to migrate from the list.

Step 4: Select the type of VM your are migrating (for data block size allocation) and whether you would like to keep the original copy on the host.

Step 5: The migrate operation has commenced. This takes a few minutes to fully migrate the VM. You can follow the progression by using hovering on the “Tasks” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 6: Take the time to focus on other tasks. Syneto will take care of your VMs.

Better time management with an improved backup schedule

Syneto products achieve data protection with instant automatic backups, through a simple process: set up a backup schedule and forget about it. The backups happen automatically, without any intervention. The data is safe, according to your plan.

There might however be moments when you need a bit more control over your backup process. Perhaps once a week you prefer to run reports and maintenance activities. If that is the case, you don’t necessarily need your backups running at the same time.

On SynetoOS 4.4, you can now personalize your backup schedule even more, by choosing hourly automatic backup time interval exceptions – time windows when you do not want backup operations to take place. This does not mean your data is unsafe! Once the exclusion “window” is over, your backup schedule carries on as usual.

How does it work? In the “Protect & Replicate” section, on a new/existing hourly backup simply click the “Exceptions” button and select the hours when you do not wish for backups to take place.

Congratulations, your data is now protected and you have saved valuable time!

For more information about SynetoOS 4.4 or to schedule a free demo with one of our specialists, don’t hesitate to get in touch.