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Earlier this year, the world has been introduced to the second generation of our HYPERSeries products – a product generation that has been designed to solve even more user challenges and needs. To achieve that, our engineers have worked hard on improving the products on both the hardware and the software level.

The next generation HYPERSeries, powered by SynetoOS

We have already dedicated an article to the hardware changes on the second HYPERSeries generation. But there is much power in the software too!

The second HYPERSeries generation is powered by our very own hyperconverged data management software, SynetoOS – more precisely, SynetoOS 4.3.

A data management software designed for hyperconvergence

Syneto simplifies, accelerates and protects IT infrastructures by unifying primary and secondary hyperconverged infrastructure, as follows:

What we do graphic

Primary infrastructure:

VM management (VMware)

Storage – SAN/NAS


Secondary infrastructure:

On/off-site data replication

Instant backup/restore

Disaster recovery

SynetoOS was specifically developed by Syneto software engineers to achieve that goal. The OS has been engineered with our customers’ data protection and recovery needs in mind.

Fast operational recovery with SynetoOS file-level restore

Operational recovery is an important word in our vocabulary. In a nutshell, operational recovery is the recovery of specific parts of the IT infrastructure in the case of damaged data, accidental deletions or various errors. This recovery should be accelerated as much as possible so that the business does not lose any time or data due to unforeseen events.

SynetoOS 4.3 introduces a new feature meant to make operational recovery easier and more effective: file-level restore.

What is file-level restore? It is a new operation recovery feature which allows you to instantly restore a file from within a VM. Thanks to this feature, you can now restore any previous version of a file from a VM backup. The feature uses an intuitive file browser to simplify and accelerate the recovery process.

But let’s have a look at how it works:

Bonus: Operational efficiency to simplify IT

In addition to taking operation recovery to the next level with file-level restore, SynetoOS 4.3 brings you increased operational efficiency.

This offers a better user experience and has been made possible by including:

  • A setup wizard that accelerates unit deployment.
  • A fast step-by-step guide which ensures nothing is overlooked.

All these improvements have been made based on years of experience in Syneto deployment best-practices.

If you are interested in witnessing the power of SynetoOS first-hand, we are more than happy to show you! Just get in touch to schedule a free demo with our dedicated team.