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Change can be scary, but it is usually good. Especially if you choose to improve the products you offer to your clients. With the second generation of our HYPERSeries product range, we have taken a step further in serving the IT needs of small and medium datacentres. This article aims to give you more information on how our products’ hardware changes can help your business.

The Syneto Data Management Platform

2018 has been a powerful year for Syneto, as our products have been widely adopted by SMBs in Italy. But our mission to simplify, accelerate and protect IT operations has not stopped there. The HYPERSeries has been designed to help customers thrive in the digital economy. This is possible by providing them with an enterprise-level infrastructure stack which does not require a huge investment in capital and manpower.

On a technological level, Syneto products unify primary (compute, storage, networking) and secondary (instant backup, recovery, and replication) hyperconvergence in a single, plug-and-play unit. With Syneto, customers can deploy all of the services provided by traditional servers, SANs, NAS boxes, switches, backup servers and software within a single holistic IT services cluster: The Syneto Data Management Platform.

New generation, same price

By evaluating our products and the feedback received from our customers, we have developed the second generation of HYPERSeries.

One of the main changes in our new HYPERSeries is the products’ CPU models, as follows:


The second generation of HYPERSeries is made out of the same models. The change is reflected in the SKU numbering, which changes from HSA-2XXX, HSA-3XXX to HSB-2xxx, HSB-3xxx to denote the generation change.

HYPERSeries 2000: the 2nd generation

In order to create a viable, perfectly optimised product, the Syneto engineering team has designed a custom-built chassis for the HYPERSeries 2000. A virtualised write cache on the OS disks has also been introduced for this HYPERSeries 2000 generation.

On the hardware side, Syneto engineers have developed a custom architecture in order to use resources efficiently, while offering increased performance and meeting the needs of our customers. For example, the team has integrated a custom-built chassis for the HSB-2000 model and all the elements are redundant (data drives, OS disks, power sources). The main change, however, is the switch to newer better processors.


The HYPERSeries 2000 is available with 2 capacity options: 8 or 16 TB total capacity. Following customer feedback, we’ve introduced DRAM expansion bundles that are available post-purchase. The product’s memory can be expanded up to 80GB for VMs.

HYPERSeries 3000: 2nd generation

In the HYPERSeries 3000, each drive now has a separate controller line. It was designed this way by Syneto hardware engineers, in order to increase performance and reliability. As with the HYPERSeries 2000, everything (data drives, OS/cache disks, and power sources) is redundant.

It was indeed a challenge to be able to have network expansions, expansion shelves, and redundant OS drives, all on one single CPU. But the engineering team at Syneto has worked closely with Broadcom on the design and engineering of the products, in order to have the latest generation of 16 port HBAs. This now offers the most performance and smart software allows splitting resources between various roles.

HYPERSeries 3100: the architecture


All HYPERSeries 3100 models can be upgraded to HYPERSeries 3200 models; this offers customers the possibility to leverage the existing investment when they need it; HSB-3100 models can only be upgraded to HSB-3200 models which have the same CPU; the upgrade service is offered and installed by Syneto.

As far as scalability is concerned, the HSB-3100 continues to support 2 additional Syneto EXPANSIONShelfs (24/48/72TB effective capacity). It supports 1 additional network card from ( 4x1GB ethernet, 2x10GB sfp+, 2x10GB RJ45) and, if more than 1 card is needed, customers can upgrade to HSB-3200.

HYPERSeries 3200: the architecture


As for scalability, the HSB-3200 also continues to support 2 additional Syneto EXPANSIONShelfs (24/48/72TB effective capacity). It supports 4 additional network cards (any combination of 4x1GB ethernet, 2x10GB sfp+ or 2x10GB RJ45).

Want to find out more about how the second generation of HYPERSeries can help you or your business? Get in touch with our team to schedule a free demo!