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Have you ever been taken by surprise by new technology?! Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the rate at which technology is evolving?! Welcome to the 21st century! It’s not just you, things have changed. The digital economy in which we are living is different fro the economy in which we’ve grown up.

The new way of life and business: the digital economy

Technology is an integrated part of our lives: we own smartphones, we live in smart homes and we generate huge amounts of data every day. In the business world, companies of all shapes and sizes rely on various kinds of data to develop their activities.

The current world population is estimated at around 7,6 billion people. Out of them:


This shows that the future will be shaped by new technology, as younger generations are growing up surrounded by technology and its benefits. In the digital economy, the development of new businesses is impossible without the use of various technologies.

A new “industrial” revolution

The world is going through a new “revolution”. But this time the revolution is no longer just “industrial”, but also “digital”. And it is happening at an ever-increasing pace.


While the first industrial revolution developed over the range of about 100 years, new technological developments are adopted at a faster pace:

  • software has only needed approximately 25 years (between the 70s and the 90s) to be widely adopted;
  • the internet was adopted at a large-scale in about 15 years;
  • smartphones became popular in just 8 years.

At this rate, a new digital “breakthrough” will take only 4 years to reach a worldwide audience. This also shows that both people and businesses need to move fast to keep up with new trends. This is particularly relevant for a business which wants to be viable in the new digital economy.

Time is not money, it is competition.

We often hear that “time is money” and therefore we can’t afford to lose it. But time is also competition. Businesses that do not move fast, will lose money. They have to compete with time to keep up with rapid technology developments. They also have to offer services that are adapted to this fast pace.

At Syneto, we want to help our customers do that, by offering products that help our customers save time and protect their investment. That’s why our products have been developed with features such as:

  • One-click management: managing an IT infrastructure should not take a lot of time. On Syneto products, many operations are literally just one-click away.
  • Instant automatic backups: creating a backup is a fast and easy process.
  • Instant recovery from ransomware: again, we want to make sure our customers don’t lose precious time recovering from an unfortunate incident.
  • Disaster Recovery in 15 minutes: In case of any kind of downtime incident, the business can recover in just 15 minutes.
  • etc.

In addition to saving time and protecting data, all of these features simplify the entire IT experience: each operation is fast and simple.

What does the digital customer expect?

The digital “revolution” is not only changing business models but its also changing consumers’ needs and expectations. It is no longer enough to give people good technology unless you also offer them a good experience.

Because time matters and because technology can be overwhelming, we believe brands should do their best to enhance the consumer’s experience. That is why Syneto aims at offering an experience that is simple, fast and linear. This vision is reflected by the work of all of our teams – from engineering to sales, to customer support.

A better experience = an integrated experience

As our motto illustrates, we want to help our customers Simplify, Accelerate and Protect their IT operations. And we want to offer all of these features in an integrated solution: the Syneto HYPERSeries is an all-in-one hyperconverged solution which offers all of the features that an SMB needs: virtualisation, built-in native backups, instant restore, predictable Disaster Recovery etc.


The digital economy is here to stay.

This new economy may daunt us at times, but it is not to be feared. Used wisely, technology can make the world a better place.

And that is also our goal here, at Syneto: to help make the world a bit better by creating products that help small and medium businesses strive in the digital economy.