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With 2019 around the corner, December offers a good time to have a look at everything the past year has brought. Just like 2017, 2018 has been a busy and exciting year and we’d like to share with you our biggest achievements:

The improved HYPERSeries

Following feedback received from our customers, we have managed to improve the HYPERSeries, so that it meets the real needs of our customers. After intensive work and research, we have managed to increase the performance of the HYPERSeries models without changing the cost. Our commitment was focused on 3 important parameters: power, capacity, and memory.


The new HYPERSeries models offer the benefits of:

  • More compute power and more capacity (at the same price)
  • Increased scalability thanks to the new Syneto EXPANSIONShelf
  • Simplicity. Because we want to help you simplify IT operations, not complicate them.
  • Improved application performance

The HYPERSeries + SynetoOS = Simplify, Accelerate, Protect all IT operations

In our quest to continuously improve our products, we have taken SynetoOS one step further this year. With SynetoOS 4, we have managed to offer a complete unified single point of management with 1-click “everything”:


By supplying the HYPERSeries with SynetoOS 4 we have managed to bring our users a simpler, faster and more efficient solution. You can now simplify, accelerate and protect all IT operations with Syneto.

New features and happy customers

Improving our products would have not been that rewarding without positive feedback from our customers. We have won new customers this year and we have been proud to share their stories with our readers.

We are very happy that companies such as Fluorseals, Stroili Oro, CC Young, CGT, Shima Seiki, Walley Design and OMC2 have joined the Syneto family this year!

Bringing IT @TheEDGE

This year’s edition of our yearly partner event, @TheEDGE took place on September 27th, in a beautiful setting, on the banks of the fabulous Lake Garda. It was a wonderful event and we are very thankful to the 150+ partners and guests who have joined us. And we plan to take @TheEDGE even further next year!


Looking forward to 2019!

What will 2019 bring?! A lot! Make sure you follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to keep in touch!