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Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on technology to carry out their activity. But unfortunately, in recent years, the wide adoption of technology has also been seen as an opportunity to exploit vulnerable businesses with the help of malware. The overall number of malware attacks has been increasing steadily for a while now and ransomware has become a common and constant threat.

With news about “big” ransomware attacks constantly showing up in the news, it is clear that the threat of ransomware is not going anywhere too soon. Should your business be worried? Probably.

Here are some frightening ransomware statistics and predictions which prove that:

How can you make sure your business is safe from ransomware? Unfortunately, no solution yet exists that can guarantee to keep ransomware away from your business operations. So should you just “give in” to ransomware requests?! That is not a good option either. Instead, you can try to make sure that your business has the ability to recover easily after a ransomware attack, with a minimum amount of data loss.

Syneto solutions have been designed to provide fast Disaster Recovery. With fast and reliable data protection mechanisms, you can easily recover your data and restart your IT after any kind of downtime incident, including a ransomware attack. All this within 15 minutes and with a 1-minute RPO.

Wondering how a Syneto solution can help you in case of a ransomware attack?! Download our dedicated solution brief to find out more:

 Syneto solution to ransomware solution brief

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