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Technology is no longer a luxury, but a commodity. As we spend so much of our time connected to our laptops and our smartphones, technology has become an integrated part of our daily lives.

The same of course is true for the lives of organisations: every organisation is dependent on various technologies to grow and conduct daily activities. But organisations come in all shapes and sizes and so does technology. Should good technology be available only to big corporations? We believe not. And we have made it our mission to bring enterprise-level technologies to small and medium business.

Think big and solve customer needs

Syneto’s mission is to make enterprise-level technologies available to SMBs, ROBOs and generally to small and medium datacentres. The solutions offered are designed to satisfy the needs of these organisations, while at the same giving them access to cutting-edge technology.

Syneto understands the challenges that SMBs face and has decided to solve them with an innovative approach: by designing a hyperconverged infrastructure that is both tailored to those needs and cost-effective. At the same time, we believe that hyperconverged infrastructure can bring many benefits to its adopters.

That’s why Syneto solutions are:

  • tailored to the most common needs (compute, capacity, memory) of SMBs
  • “plug and play”, therefore easy to deploy and manage
  • cost-effective

Hyperconvergence for small and medium datacenters

Syneto has a history of taking enterprise-level technologies, running them through an internal “filter” and adapting them to the needs of SMBs. Ever since 2009, Syneto has anticipated the informational “boom” that would essentially mean all companies will be operating an ever-increasing amount of data. That is how the first Syneto storage arrays were born.

The next natural – but at the same time daring – step for Syneto was to adopt hyperconverged infrastructure. Hyperconvergence was just a “buzzword” a few years ago, but it has been constantly growing in popularity. Again, the experienced team behind Syneto had anticipated this trend. The team’s knowledge and experience have made it possible to adapt this innovative technology to a market often ignored by enterprise vendors: that of small and medium datacenters.

The mix between hyperconvergence and the internally-built SynetoOS is the perfect blend that makes this possible. Thanks to it, the benefits of hyperconvergence are no longer out of the reach of small and medium datacenter-owners.


The HYPERSeries product range has been designed to handle the most common workloads of small and medium datacenters. This an all-in-one solution with built-in Disaster Recovery that take hyperconvergence to the next level with:

Instant Backups

DR in 15 minutes

1-click management

Ransomware immunity

One step further: Fresh models with fresh benefits

Designing and launching the HYPERSeries has been the first step of Syneto’s mission. What followed is a focus on constant improvement. Syneto has requested customer feedback in order to transform it in actionable steps that will further develop these products.

The feedback that we have received directly from our customers and partners has shown us that the environments used by SMBs are, in some cases, more compute-intensive or memory-intensive. We have found this the perfect opportunity to take action and solve more challenges met by customers, by taking the HYPERSeries even one step further.


The most recently launched HYPERSeries models offer the benefits of:

  • More compute, storage and memory options (at the same price)
  • Increased scalability
  • Simplicity. Because we want to help you simplify IT operations, not complicate them.

What will the future bring?! Our mission to bring enterprise technology is not over yet. We believe that somebody has to do that and we will keep growing the HYPERSeries (and perhaps other projects) in order to achieve this mission.

Would you like to find out more about Syneto products? Contact us to schedule a demo and our dedicated team will be happy to show us how our solutions work!