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We strive for constant improvement. We want to give our partners the best hyperconverged solutions for the SMB and ROBO market. And we are now taking that mission one step further with SynetoOS 4. Starting March 22nd, all HYPERSeries products will be equipped with SynetoOS 4, our revolutionary OS that simplifies hyperconvergence, making our users’ IT operations easier and more efficient.

This article will offer more insight into why and how we have developed SynetoOS 4, as well as the benefits it brings.

Why was SynetoOS 4 necessary?

We wanted to challenge the status quo and bring our audience a simple, fast and secure hyperconverged solution. To do so, we have identified and worked to overcome the following challenges:

  1. Most existing HCI solutions are simply improved virtual storages. We want to go beyond that.
  2. Most HCI solutions promise simplicity but fail to achieve it. We want to offer a simplified hyperconverged solution.
  3. Protecting data (VMs, datastores) is still a complex issue, because most solutions don’t offer built-in Disaster Recovery. We do. And we have simplified the management of data copies to make backup and Disaster Recovery an easy task.

1-Click Everything with SynetoOS 4

With SynetoOS 4, we continue to deliver on the promise of taking IT infrastructures to the next level. Thanks to a completely reimagined software architecture and eight years of experience, with SynetoOS 4 we have achieved something truly special: the new SynetoOS 4 offers a complete unified single point of management with 1-click “everything”:


SynetoOS 4 and the HYPERSeries: Simplify. Accelerate. Protect.

By supplying the HYPERSeries with SynetoOS 4 we have managed to bring our users a simpler, faster and more efficient solution. You can now simplify, accelerate and protect all IT operations:

Simplify your IT operations with:

  • 1-click everything: provisioning, protection, recovery and monitoring
  • Fast learning: due to having one technology for all your IT services
  • One support point for all your IT
  • “Plug & play” products: our products are easy to deploy and manage
  • An IT infrastructure designed specifically for your SMB environment

Accelerate your business:

  • By getting “back to business” in 15 minutes after any downtime incident
  • With fast and reliable backups
  • Thanks to our instant local restore for any application or file

Protect your data and your investment with:

  • built-in Disaster Recovery
  • automatic, fire-and-forget protection and replication
  • no need for 3rd party products
  • no hidden costs

Experience SynetoOS 4 in action! Join one of our webinars:

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