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2017 has been a very busy and exciting year for all of us here at Syneto. And since the year is almost over, this is a good time to look back at what we’ve achieved this year and plan ahead for another exciting year.

From launching our new HYPERSeries to signing new partnerships and attending very interesting events, here is a brief review of our year:


The new Syneto HYPERSeries

Our biggest achievement this year has been the launch of our new product range, the HYPERSeries, the first all-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure designed specifically for SMBs, ROBOs and small/medium datacenters. The HYPERSeries 3000 was launched in March 2017, while the HYPERSeries 2000 completed our product range in October 2017.

With the HYPERSeries, we have taken hyperconverged infrastructures to the next level: this new breed of hyperconverged infrastructure contains all of the IT services and features an organisation needs. The HYPERSeries brings together, inside the same platform, much more than just the traditional mix of virtual applications, networking and data storage: it also offers:

  • built-in automatic Disaster Recovery
  • instant local VM/file recovery
  • native file services
  • improved application performance

The HYPERSeries has also been busy making headlines this year. Here is some of the media coverage:


A year of growth together with renowned partners and clients

The benefits that the HYPERSeries offers have already been acknowledged by a series of happy customers, like: LG, BT Group and the Province of Rovigo.

We are also very grateful that 2017 has been a year of new partnerships and development opportunities. It has been a year of new partnerships that will certainly continue to be developed in the year to come. We have grown a lot this year and this wouldn’t have been possible without our partners from all over the world.


2017: an eventful year

This year has also been very “eventful”: we have hosted numerous online and offline events together with our partners.

Our biggest event was the Partner Gala Italy 2017. The event took place back in April and brought together more than 160 of our Italian partners for a day of great wine and delightful conversation.

We have also had the great pleasure of attending Storage Focus in Barcelona this year, one of the biggest industry events, organized by our partner Hammer. Storage Focus has brought together industry-leading vendors and analysts for two days of conferences and exhibitions.

Last but not least, we have hosted 10 DataTalks together with our partners, as well as several webinars on topics that are of interest for our industry: how to recover instantly from a ransomware attack, why choose a hyperconverged infrastructure, how to achieve complete data protection with invisible backups.


Sharing is caring: new documentation

Knowledge is power. That is why we do our best to give our customers and partners all the relevant information they need to take good decisions. In addition to organizing various events, we also share our information though various materials that can be found either on our blog or in the resources section of our website.

Here are some of our most popular resources this year:

Looking forward to an exciting 2018

This year has been a busy one and we are sure that 2018 won’t be less interesting! We are looking forward to consolidating our current products and to keep offering our partners and friends useful information!