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Manufacturing businesses are currently going through a new “industrial revolution”, thanks to the development of many new technologies.

Known as “Industry 4.0”, this revolution is characterized by automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, creating “smart factories”.

Manufacturing companies fall into one of these two categories:

  1. Custom manufacturing: companies who produce custom products, according to their customers’ needs
  2. Mass Manufacturing: companies involved in mass production, that produce a large number of products or product lines

Both of these categories are facing infrastructure challenges on their way to becoming “smart factories”. Through our work with both our partners and our customers, we have identified these challenges, as well as the ways Syneto solutions have helped our customers in the manufacturing sector.

The main IT challenges that Industry 4.0 raises for manufacturing companies are:

  • IT reliability and stability
  • Integrity of production processes
  • Protecting production know-how

Find out how these infrastructure challenges can be overcome with the help of a smart IT infrastructure, by downloading our two solution briefs: