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Syneto solutions are developed specifically to meet the infrastructure needs of SMBs, ROBOs and generally small/medium datacenters. They are fit for the needs of companies in various vertical markets, from manufacturing to consumer retail and media companies.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of helping LG Electronics Italy find the perfect IT infrastructure for their needs. What were their needs and why did they choose Syneto? Here is their story.

LG infrastructure and business challenges

LG required a replacement for an old IT infrastructure that no longer provided the necessary IT services. They have soon found that similar traditional infrastructures would not rise up to the challenge. These solutions had proven to be too complex and difficult to manage and the team wanted to reduce management times as much as possible.

For the IT team at LG Electronics it was essential that they find an IT infrastructure that would:

  • provide Disaster Recovery capabilities, as the company cannot afford to lose any their business data
  • offer fast restore in case of a downtime incident so that the company doesn’t lose business while being “down”
  • have control and insight on applications and files, including video surveillance data
  • reduce management times and let IT staff focus on proactive parts of the business
  • respect their rather limited budget
  • consolidate the entire infrastructure in their Italian office

The Solution: Syneto HYPERSeries 3100

After looking at traditional infrastructures and deciding they won’t serve their needs, LG Electronics Italy deployed a HYPERSeries 3100 all-in-one hyperconverged solution with built-in Disaster Recovery capabilities.


The hyperconverged solution has managed to efficiently consolidate the office’s entire IT infrastructure, successfully handling the backup of both files and applications. All of the company’s data can be replicated on the solution’s Disaster Recovery unit every minute, ensuring that the company is never at risk of losing more than 1-minute worth of data. In case of an unfortunate downtime event like a malware attack, the company can recover all of their data in just a few minutes.

Why Syneto HYPERSeries 3100?

In this particular case, this solution was efficient in helping the company overcome their infrastructure challenges with:

  • successful infrastructure consolidation
  • reducing management times to 5 hours/ week
  • reducing RTO from approximately 21 hours to 15 minutes
  • providing complete data protection
  • a cost-effective solution

What IT challenges is your company facing? Are they similar or different? We’d be happy to discuss them with you, just get in touch!