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As an IT Administrator, the best offer a storage vendor can make you is Technical Support that leaves your nights and weekends free of any worries. That’s exactly what we deliver. We offer reliable, powerful and innovative products powered by Syneto Storage OS. As a Syneto customer, you get much more than that. You get top quality support. Here are three promises we make to our customers:

  1. We always have your back! We’re always by your side making sure the installation, maintenance and usage of our products runs as smoothly as possible.
  2. We value your time and deliver quality. The moment you’re our client, you’re part of our big and caring family. We provide quick solutions to any problems.
  3. We meet your expectations! We’ve been creating data solutions for 7 years. That’s long enough to test the waters, to know your needs and improve our solutions. We keep asking, adapting and improving.

So, how does our tech support make a difference for you? First, we’ll try to fix any possible issues before you’ll even notice them or they become bottlenecks. Second, if problems show up, we solve them fast and for good.

Introduction over. Here’s the three things that make our Tech Support special:

Technical Support Syneto Academy training videos page

I. Online resources

We invest a lot of time and care in providing excellent technical support resources. On our website, we have two sections containing information that can be accessed anytime.

You can find detailed guidelines, instructions and quick answers to any issues you might have:

  • The Storage Academy. This section contains videos where you can get an overview of how to configure and run your Syneto product in just 1.5 hours.
  • The Knowledge Base. This section contains guidelines, FAQs and step-by-step instructions for setting up your Syneto storage and connecting it to your internal infrastructure.

Technical Support Display with Storage OS analytics page

II. Integrated analytics

Our Storage OS includes powerful analytics engine which allows us to:

  • Have a general view of the whole OS system and detect any issues before they become real problems.
  • Spot any problems or issues within minutes and solve them before they end up causing company-wide problems.

 Technical Support Syneto support engineer fixing code

III. Support from our engineers

Our technical support is based on a three-level plan: Basic, Advanced, Premium. We provide Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Syneto, there’s no Level 1 support and call-centers standing in the way of getting your issue solved. Your support tickets and calls are answered by directly our support engineers. If needed, your issue will be taken care of by the developers of Syneto Storage OS themselves.

Let’s set the words aside and let the statistics do the talking:

Average technical support issue solve time

Average ticket response time

Average technical support issue solve time

Average time a ticket is solved in

You can easily reach us by phone, email, chat or through our support portal (directly from your appliance’s interface).

With Syneto, you’ll get rid of any complications you had before. As Silca’s IT Manager put it at our Partner Gala 2016:

“Syneto means no more sleepless nights!”

Simone Fontana, Network Administrator, Silca

We couldn’t have said it better than that.