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As a Syneto partner you’re actually part of the team. As a united and like-minded group of people, we’re always paying attention to what each member needs. We constantly think not only about offering you a better range of benefits (see our simplified Partner Program here) but also about how you can improve your skills.

To be successful as a partner in the storage market you need to be armed with two types of knowledge:

  1. Technical understanding to become a trusted advisor for your end-users
  2. Sales skills which allow you to point out the advantages of one technology vs. another


Knowing these, we’ve devised a curriculum containing both types of courses and called it the Syneto Academy. Here’s what you can learn:

Technical Courses

What to expect? First, an overview of Syneto’s range of products and how they provide fast access and data reliability. Second, how to meet your client’s needs faster.

Your benefits:

  • Understand the technologies behind Syneto products and how they provide fast data access and safety
  • Learn how to design solutions with Syneto that solve the technical problems of your clients

The course content covers the following topics:

  • Syneto storage arrays
  • Syneto OS and our technologies
  • Syneto in NAS deployments
  • Syneto in SAN deployments
  • Disaster Recovery with Syneto
  • Hyper-converged storage

Sales Courses

What to expect? First, an insight into our sales tools. Second, an outline of our technology’s key differentiators.

Your benefits:

  • Learn how to use our sale tools and techniques to close more deals and get more customers
  • Gain the upper-hand in your deals by knowing exactly what our products do better than the competition

The course content covers the following topics:

  • The fundamental features of our technology from a commercial point of view
  • What differentiates us from the competition
  • How to beat the competition in a deal
  • How to use our sales tool to protect and close your deal
  • How to build a unique solution which the competition can’t match
  • How to convince a customer to choose the more advanced technology over the cheaper product
  • How to build a solid and dependable sales process with our technology

You get a say!

We know every deal (from a technical or sales perspective) is different. That’s why at the end of each course, there is a session where you can bring your issues to the table. Our trainers will help you build the tailored solution that will close the deal.

How can I get some training?

If you like what you hear so far, there are two ways you can take part in Syneto Academy Courses:

  1. You can participate in one of our hands-on technical or sales courses. We announce them in advance and all you need to do is subscribe to our messaging list.
  2. Participate in one of our free webinars. We do personalised webinars on request. Ask and you shall receive!