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Syneto Partner Gala 2016 was a remarkable experience! We looked back at Syneto’s brave journey. Our quest to become a successful and trustworthy data solution provider. We also talked about upcoming projects like Storage OS 3.1.

Do you remember we promised to deliver a faster, improved Storage OS 3.1? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to get!

The innovative minds behind Syneto are preparing the promised software technologies right now. We have good news, and even better news:

Enhancing hyper-converged functionality for high-availability

Our customers need solutions that offer two results:

  1. No downtime
  2. Easy VMware cluster management

So how do we help them achieve these availability and usability needs?  By providing a VMware High Availability best practices guide with Storage OS 3.1. This easy to understand document will contain detailed step-by-step installation and configuration instructions. It will cover the entire process for hyper-converged infrastructures with vCenter and Storage OS. This will speed up implementation for IT managers. It’s also a great way to improve work efficiency.

AFP improvements

Syneto Storage OS 3.0 has brought new functionalities to our AFP sharing features. But we know there’s always room for improvement. That’s why the new Storage OS 3.1 will bring further enhancements:

  1. Preventing cross-protocol file access issues.
    To avoid data loss, a folder created through a certain protocol (AFP, NFS, SMB) should be shared or saved using the same protocol. In version 3.1, we’re delivering a new feature that warns the user if a folder is already shared through another protocol. This makes your data safer.
  2. Search within a larger amount of files.
    Data grows at an incredible rate. This leads to two major problems. The first one is the rapid multiplication of files. The second one is slower search results. Version 3.1 will provide faster results for searches among up to millions of files.
  3. Integrated Spotlight with File/Open.
    Our consistent commitment to innovation will allow us to offer you an improved search functionality. With the previous version, we integrated Spotlight Search in Finder and MAC OSX Spotlight Search. With Storage OS 3.1 we’re working on support for search in File/ Open dialogues.
  4. Improved search algorithm.
    With this update, your searches will display a higher number of results. It will also include filenames with special characters (“.” and “-“). For example, the previous Spotlight File Search integration couldn’t display results like “Project.Adam-Smith”. This version solves this problem. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Updating to SMB 2.1

We’re always keeping up with the dynamic security update cycle of Windows. This is why we’re updating to SMB 2.1. This version will allow system administrators to join Windows Active Directory on systems with latest security updates.

Storage OS 3.1 will also provide an mDNS protocol. This means your storage and sharing protocols will be displayed when clicking on Networks or My Computer. Compare this to the previous SMB version where you had to manually input the storage address for each share, and the difference is clear.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s a pic of our devs hard at work in our Romania office: