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At the dawn of private clouds and hyper converged storage Syneto is proud to announce their latest operating system Storage OS 3.0. This software release, together with a new lineup of products is here to meet the ever growing need for modern storage solutions.

Hyper converged solutions are rapidly adopted in a World where private clouds became an established technology. 2016 sees a spectacular interest for the hyper converged solutions our product lineup will address.

And what it is good for to have great hardware without the right software to manage it?

Storage OS 3.0 brings the next generation of our storage operating system. It is a significant step forward both for the users and the under the hood technology.

  • Focus on the right action, at the right time, in the right context. The completely redesigned user interface brings the storage even closer to you, the user.
  • Forget about manually mapping the disks from your hardware to your software. Storage OS 3.0 smart auto mapping feature understands the underlying hardware and shows a picture-like representation of your hardware with all the disks in the right place. And if you have an old hardware, you can still fall back to manually mapping your disks. Rest assured, we didn’t forget about established users and we welcome all the new ones.
  • Not on a hyper converged solution yet? Are you annoyed by the constant network latencies? When was the last time one of your switches acted up and you’ve lost half a day finding it? Our hyper converged solutions offers a seamless integration between Storage OS 3.0 and the underlying VMware hypervisor. You won’t see a difference. And you won’t get stuck on the network between your servers. You will have all in a box.

Download Storage OS 3.0

Other notable changes

While the above features will be immediately obvious for all of you, there is a lot more to this major release.

  • Our operating system has a new “heart”. It uses considerably less memory, allowing more data to be cached and accessed very fast.
  • Disks fail. It’s a fact. When you have to replace them, you want a simple, streamlined process. Storage OS 3.0 automatically detects when you physically switch a broken disk with a new one and allows you to replace it in the disk pool with just 4 clicks. And for those confusing moments when you are not sure which disk to take out you can just glance at our dashboard, or blink the led on the disk itself to identify it.
  • We love our Mac users. So we vastly improved our AFP sharing support. We introduced spotlight support. You can now search all your shared files instantaneously. And when user privacy and access rights come into the picture, you can apply common permission rules to shared folders so people can see all they need to and don’t bother with files reserved for other groups.
  • Most hyper converged solutions, as well as our cluster solution, relies on NFS sharing. Improvements to this protocol include better file locking mechanisms to improve failovers in high availability systems, and multiple write threads so you get maximum speed immediately instead of a gradual speed up based on requested data traffic.
  • Windows workstations are still an important majority in the market. We strive to provide Windows users the best possible experience when connected to our storage arrays. Storage OS 3.0 improves the speed of the most common workloads over the SMB protocol by up to 30%.

More info and download

Download Storage OS 3.0 Learn more about Storage OS

written by Patkós Csaba.