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At Syneto, it’s our mission to help organisations deal with the explosive growth of data. With the amount of data generated on the planet doubling every two years, we saw the opportunity to help the 99% of companies in the world who are SMBs deal with their data growth.

So what do SMBs need when it comes to data? We answered this important question by pooling the knowledge we gained from 350+ deployed data solutions in a wide range of industries. In terms of data typology, SMBs generate two kinds workloads:

  1. File services

    People in organisations generate and incredible assortment of data. We’re talking about big design project files, 4k video, images, soundtracks, documents and pretty much any other kind of file data you can think of. Managing sharing, security and file access is a big challenge for many IT admins in SMBs.

  2. Virtualised servers

    Small and medium businesses use a wide assortment of applications which run as virtual machines: mail servers, domain servers, PDM software and a lot of software specific to their industry. Our studies show that SMBs usually deploy between 5 and 20 virtual server to cover their needs.

Knowing the kind of data challenges SMBs are facing, we came up with a solution that simplifies their whole file and virtual server stack into a single, easy to manage solution.

The new range of hyper-converged data solutions integrate storage and virtual machines in the same easy-to-manage appliance.

Syneto hyper-converged arrays combine the power and efficiency of cutting edge storage with an integrated hypervisor based on the trusty VMware technology. This creates a powerful solution with fast VM deployment times, backup, replication, deduplication, compression, high-availability and usability in a low-footprint 2U format.


Take advantage of our SpaceBoost technology to storage up to 5x more data in the same space. In-line compression, deduplication and thin provisioning work in concert to efficiently store your VM data.


Deploy 20+ VMs directly from the on-board VMware hypervisor. The datacenter component is seamlessly integrated with the storage side through our VirtualUnity storage-hypervisor integration technology.


Our FlexPool technology ensures fast VM data access with a tiered storage approach. It keeps both frequently and recently used data in a fast SSD/NVRAM layer for quick reads and writes.


Syneto hyper-converged arrays are perfectly priced for your SMB budget.
Yes! Syneto hyper-converged solutions are 25% lower priced than anything else on the market today.

Why hyper-converged for SMB?

Seeing the Problem

Fact: Data is the most important property companies own today . This incredible growth of data produced by organisations is a big and complex challenge. Humanity has to collectively face this to continue on the path of progress and innovation. Here’s a really great graph. which puts into perspective another fact: the amount of stored data doubles every two years.

That’s where we come in! As a data solutions company, we help organisation around the world deal with the challenge of data growth. By providing smart storage products, we make this growth manageable, safe and easy to understand from a business perspective.

Naturally, there are other players out there who create storage products. But, they have one crucial difference: these other products are designed for large enterprises. This is important because around the world only 0.33% of companies are large enterprises (source).

What happens to you? The 99.6% which are small and medium businesses. Because statistically speaking it’s very likely that you are part of a small or medium business or an IT reseller/Integrator servicing these companies. Don’t you have the same data growth problems? Your choices are pretty slim. You either have to buy over-sized and very expensive enterprise solutions (prices for multi-node hyper-converged solution start at over $65.000) or go with an inefficient consumer-grade storage system. Let’s say that a consumer storage array could theoretically handle your file data. The problem is what happens to your applications and their data? In this case, alongside your consumer-grade array you also need to invest in an expensive server to run your apps. More management complexity, increased power costs and clutter in the datacenter. As an SMB/SMB IT reseller you don’t need this.

Managing the problem

Data growth is not exactly a new problem. It’s just a growing one. The old school solution of dealing with increasing data storage demands for applications and files is to just keep adding more hardware. The datacenter is constructed out of separate silos for every resource: storage, servers and networking. You need more computing for a new application? Empty your pockets and get a new server. Then another expensive storage shelf for that application’s data. Lastly, spend some more on a new managed switch to link everything up. This is not a good fix for SMB.

At Syneto, we combine the latest innovations to create a single data array which combines cutting-edge storage technologies with virtual servers and networking. What you get is 20+ VMs in a single 2U storage array which is very easy to use and where new VMs can be deployed in minutes. Space is efficiently managed through the latest in-line data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning technologies. The VMware hypervisor allows for familiar and fast VM deployment. Data access speeds are improved through a fast caching layer. And the price is a perfect fit for tight SMB budgets.

Seeing is believing

Wether you’re an SMB or an IT reseller/integrator who caters to SMBs, our hyper-converged storage solution is the next step in managing data growth. If we’ve peeked your interest, get in touch and you can see our hyper-converged storage at work. Let us know!