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Meet the new version 2.18 of our data storage array operating system: Syneto Storage OS. We are committed to offering our customers access to the latest technologies and innovations in the data storage world. Currently, Storage OS is our main innovation delivery platform.

The new Storage OS 2.18 focuses on what are undoubtedly the some of the main innovations in data storage.

  • First off, 2.18 paves the way for hyper-convergence with additions to our VirtualUnity technology which facilitates VMware integration.
  • Secondly, it adds many improvements to our PowerCluster high availability clustering technology.
  • This version also fixes a series of SMB (CIFS) issues and makes sharing data even easier and faster.

Let’s move on to an in-depth view of what’s new:

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Hyper-convergence: Storage OS as a VMware (VSA)

We improved the way Storage OS runs as a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) by providing built-in support for VMware Tools. With version 2.18, Syneto Storage OS VSAs can be controlled directly from vCenter. This enables much faster storage management when Syneto arrays are deployed as a hyper-converged storage solution.


And of course, you can use all the great features of VMware Tools, as they are readily available when Storage OS is installed in a VMware environment.


Improve High Availability Behavior Under High Loads

Storage OS 2.18 brings two major improvements to our PowerCluster technology which drives the High Availability component of Storage OS. how the HA cluster behaves under high load. We eliminated a rare scenario where under high loads, a false negative condition led to an unnecessary migration of the pool to the other node. This decreases the likelihood of an unexpected migration under high load.

Also, under certain conditions when a migration was underway one of the nodes did an emergency stop. We improved the entire migration process to avoid this issue.

Other improvements

  • Samba support is getting better. We fixed several bugs related to kernel panics and crashes in Active Directory environments.
  • We fixed a situation that prevented persistence for correct settings of virtual machine snapshots.
  • For more details read the Release Notes.

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