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Creating a storage product is certainly a challenging task. A storage array represents a synergy between hardware, software, and maintenance. Recently the story about how we develop our storage operating system, Storage OS, as a team and company, was published by the Agile Alliance on their website. Our Agile Experience Report is entitled “One Bug Per Month”. It showcases the story behind our development processes and their evolution.

One thing I really liked about this story was a gradual yet steady introduction of new ideas and practices.”

— Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (One Step at a Time Towards One Bug a Month)

The posts in this series are meant to accompany the Agile Experience Report. If you did not yet read “One Bug Per Month”, you can start with these posts get a better idea about the topics covered.

On the other hand, if you’ve read the paper, you can enjoy these short stories that will divulge little secrets related to the topics you’ve already read. “One Bug Per Month” is a limited size report, and some details had to be left out or were inappropriate for the the paper.

My name is Patkós Csaba; I am a software developer at Syneto where I have worked for about five years. In this time I have witnessed an extraordinary evolution in how we develop software. I’ve progressed several steps in my software career also, from a novice programmer to head of the software development department.

I came to Syneto at the dawn of a new era in the company’s life. This age of change left behind a company plagued by a waterfall development process, projects that were never released on time and full of bugs. It also led the way toward a truly agile development process that changed not only how we develop software, but also how we work, communicate, and think together as a team.