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As the only european storage manufacturer, we believe community events where industry specialists get involved in creating new solutions for the challenges of data management are very important. This is why we are sponsoring one of the biggest events related to Big Data in Europe.

The Big Data conference 2014 will be taking place in Milan on Dec. 3rd at Hotel Melià – Via Masaccio 19.


Big Data storage solutions offer some of the biggest challenges for storage technologies today. Pay us a visit at our Big Data booth to learn how Syneto has responded to these challenges.

Syneto storage arrays address a series of important constraints which accompany Big Data deployments:

  • The most important storage technologies for Big Data deployments.
  • Guaranteing the scalability of your storage without incurring huge TCO spending.
  • Steps and best-practices you should have in mind when building a Big Data solution.

To get the best understanding of how Syneto storage arrays and their powerful technology package can help you build a Big Data solution, read our Big Data Solution brief.

Big Data Solution Brief