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What if learning to use your storage array could be completely different?

For decades, mastering the use of powerful technologies, like data storage arrays, has been a hard and complicated process. It’s time to say goodbye to the dark-ages of reading endless manuals and complex, time consuming searches which never really deliver the information you need.

Because we were facing the same problems, we understand how precious your time is. That’s why we have launched the Syneto Academy completely free. Enjoy a new learning experience with easy to understand training videos which will allow you to know your storage in just a couple of hours.

Course Structure

The Storage Overview training course will allow you to become familiar with all the different features and configurations present on Syneto storage arrays. The course is composed of 5 modules. To complete this course you only need to spend 1 hour and 40 minutes of your time

Module 1: System Administration

6 videos · 18 minutes

After completing this module you will know exactly how your Syneto storage array integrates with the rest of the IT infrastructure.

Learn System Administration

Module 2: Storage Management

16 videos · 40 minutes

Completing this modules allows you to really understand all the different features and services which exist in your Syneto array.

Learn Storage Management

Module 3: Data Sharing

5 videos · 14 minutes

This module teaches you how to easily enable data sharing across all the network protocols present in your Syneto storage array.

Learn Data Sharing

Module 4: Smart Continuity

1 video · 16 minutes

Your Syneto array contains powerful Smart Continuity technologies which allows multi-node high availability clustering. Learn how!

Learn Smart Continuity

Module 5: Hyper Convergence

1 video · 6 minutes

Learn ho to use the Syneto Hyper Converged Storage solution with the integrated hypervisor by completing this module.

Learn Hyper Convergence

We create storage arrays that are crafted to provide unrivalled usability and eliminated the pains of managing storage and data growth. The Syneto Academy is part of this move to revolutionise enterprise storage by creating a different, faster and easier to use learning experience.