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Cutting straight to the chase, Syneto Storage OS 2.16 will give you complete and transparent access to your storage’s performance information with a wide range of customisable storage performance analytics. This will always “keep you in the know” regarding what your data is doing on the array and allow you to optimise as needed.

There are also many new smaller features and fixes for Storage OS‘s Server Virtualization, High Availability and VMware Integration solutions. Read on for all the details.

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Sharp New Dashboard

We have created a brand new Dashboard that will provide you with at-a-glance information of the most valuable performance indicators. Aside from the usual graphs the new dashboard brings a set of fresh live statistics about system, memory, and disk usage.


Advanced Analytics Page

Storage OS 2.16 allows you an even more in depth look at your storage with the addition of the Analytics section. The various graphics in this section will allow you to analyse historical performance statistics going back as far as a year.

An important aspect of the new section is that it is completely user-configurable. You can arrange and shape the number and type of graphics to best reflect your specific needs. To help you easily find the right mix of analytics tools we provide a wide selection of graphics including IOPS, Bandwidth, Wait times, Busy percentage for pools, disks, datasets, and even ZIL (ZFS Intent Log / Write Cache).

analytics page on storage os

For Converged Storage deployments you will be able to connect dataset statistics with the on-appliance virtual machines to see the disk activity your virtual machines are doing.


Other New Features & Fixes


  • When a disk replacement is proposed only disks with a block size identical to the one on the data pool is suggested
  • AFP sharing services have been updated
  • Logical used and written ZFS properties are provided
  • The used and free space on data pools is shown
  • Cache disk disappearance from WebUI in some RAIDZ-2 configurations has been fixed
  • A situation where a spare disk cannot be revoked from the pools is mended
  • “Folders” section not loading when a backup progress has corrupt data has been repaired


  • Kernel dump device size is now automatically adjusted according to RAM and free disk space
  • New compression for rotated logs now done automatically
  • Rectified an issue where logging settings were not applied after an update

Server Virtualization

  • Fixed a situation where after a virtual machine is started it doesn’t show the ISO as mounted on the WebUI
  • Mended a situation with the console when a VM was started and the system is rebooted
  • Repaired VM state that could not be controlled for a short time after its creation
  • Remedied a problem that prevented the system from finding attached USB devices


  • New fault notification with more details and information have been added
  • ”From” field in email notification sent using POSTFIX servers is now visible

High Availability

  • You can disable the interfaces that don’t exist on both HA nodes when remotely adding a data pool

VMware Integration

  • We added an option to skip taking snapshots for certain virtual machine when backing up a virtual disk or folder. This can help you balance speed vs. data integrity when you have a large number of VMs.

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