syneto storage os 2.15 released
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We have just released the latest version of Storage OS: 2.15. At the forefront of the data storage world, Storage OS changes the way you interact with data. This is why we are continuously improving it according to the changing necessities of data storage and our valued user’s feedback. This latest version upgrades and fixes so issues with our Server Virtualization solution with KVM integration, the High Availability solution and the UI.

Server Virtualization

  • Fixes an issue with local virtual machines stopping unexpectedly
  • Resolves the long time some local virtual machines were tacking to shut down.
  • Prompts the user with an error message when attempting to delete a VM with clones.

Disk handling

  • Fixes an issue where disks could not be replaced from the UI

High Availability

  • For High Availability, version 2.14 adds “current time” to the emergency shutdown message to help debugging.

User Interface

  • Fixes an issue where the VM page is not redirected to login when a session expires.
  • Resolves a problem where virtual machine buttons are different in Firefox.
  • Mends a situation where information popups were missing on Access Control List page.

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