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The next step in the evolution of our High Availability infrastructure is here. Storage OS 2.13 takes a big step into the realms of enterprise grade clustering with active-active architecture and management of multiple pools within the same cluster.

Active-Active Cluster Architecture

Storage OS 2.13 introduces active-active clustering by allowing you to add pools to any of the two cluster nodes. Each node will be able to host and provide access to the pools. In case of a failure, any of the two nodes can take over the pools originally hosted on the other one.

Do you have two pools with high traffic? Active-active clustering allows you to move your pools between the nodes so you can balance your workloads. No node needs to stay idle while the other one will work hard.

Multiple Pools Managed by the Same Cluster

Storage OS 2.12 could only support one cluster-controlled pool. Starting with Syneto OS 2.13 this limitation was removed. You can now add as many pools to your cluster as you wish. This architecture allows you to organise your pools to best fit your type of workload and then add them to the cluster. Just be careful with your IOPS. :)


Completely Redesigned HA UI

We thought having a unified view of your cluster and the activity on the pools is a must. We completely redesigned our web UI so you can easily add, move, and view the activity on the pools managed by the cluster.

Version 2.13 brings a lot more new features, improvements, and fixes, which help you enjoy Storage OS even more.

We added:

  • Schedule automatic error checking on pools every first friday night of each month
  • Support for multiple keyboard layouts on local virtual machines (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian)
  • Email notifications when the pool usage is above administrator defined thresholds
  • Interactive space usage map on each pool
  • Remote support can now be enabled even when the Web UI is not available

We improved:

  • Backup replication speed
  • Better responsiveness of the Web UI
  • Boot time of the operating system
  • Update Illumos kernel to the latest version

We Fixed:

  • Can not access virtual machines because they have the same MAC address when started over the same physical network interface
  • Backup replication wrongly applies retention policy after replication has failed
  • Adding a pool to cluster exports and reimports it

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