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One of the most feature-packed releases to date has just been unleashed upon the world of storage. Storage OS 2.12 brings many new features that empower your storage and allow you to reach new heights in efficiency and safety.

Local Virtualization

Storage OS 2.12 can create and host virtual machines on the storage appliance itself. This means you can drastically reduce the amount of hardware needed in your organization. Now you can have a single appliance that runs your email, domain and SQL servers, stores all your files and keeps everything safe with fast backups and off-site replication.

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Share data with AFP and Time Machine integration

You’ve shared data with NFS and CIFS but your organization uses Macs. Well, with Storage OS 2.12 you can share data in OSX’s native AFP protocol.

afp protocol for OSX devices

Integration with AFP means that you can easily configure your storage as a target for OSX Time Machine backups

creating an OSX Time Machine backup on Syneto Storage

Disk identification and IPMI control

The new version of Storage OS allows you to easily identify a specific HDD by blinking its bays LED light with one easy command from the UI

disk identification with blinking via SES3 on Storage OS

Because Storage OS always tries to simplify storage managent, we’ve added an easy way to access your IPMI compatible chassis directly from the interface. Need to reboot? No need to leave your desk, just issue the command remotely.

IPMI on Storage OS

Version 2.12 brings a lot more new features, improvements and fixed, which help you enjoy Storage OS even more

Other new features:

  • CIFS server now traverses sub-folders
  • Disk vendor information displayed on disk pool map
  • Intel 10G Ethernet (ixgbe) can now use unsupported SFP modules


  • Improved High Availability switch over and synchronization between nodes
  • Speed up of High Availability virtual storage start-up
  • Increased pool import speed
  • Improved performance, cache efficiency and space usage by eliminating empty bpobjs
  • Heightened performance on heavily fragmented pools
  • Background destroy efficiency by prefetching metadata blocks
  • IO and space usage by not rewriting a compressed block with the same data
  • Hardware support for Intel i350, Intel X540, Atheros AR8132, LSI 2308, LSI 2208, LSI SAS2008
  • Support several new disk types in multipath setups
  • Adaptive replacement cache efficiency by not caching cloned blocks several times


  • System hangs when IO is blocked; panic and reboot system instead
  • NFS4 data corruption issue
  • Changing host name breaks NFS service until next reboot
  • Intel’s I350 GigE NIC link drops on directly-attached link cases (Energy Efficient Ethernet issue)
  • Error joining a different AD after leaving the current one because of admin user mapping
  • Syslog related error messages during installation
  • Datacenter plugin breaks datastore mappings when datastore gets renamed on vCenter/ESX
  • Quickly enable/disable of SMB service may freeze the storage
  • CIFS could fail to authenticate domain users, and further joins hang
  • Endless loading of directory with a lot of files on a CIFS share
  • Slow CIFS performance with a lot of windows clients having a window opened to the same folder
  • Restrict selection of clone destination to current pool
  • Do not allow export of root pool

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