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Here it is! The latest version of the Syneto Storage Operating System has arrived. You can update to version 2.11 straight form the interface. If you don’t have Storage OS yet, which you should, there’s a fully featured free version, which can manage up to 1 TB of data, ready for download here.

At Syneto, we’re trying to run a different kind of business, one that truly listens to the customer. That’s why the many of the new features in this version were created in collaboration with our users.

Improved High Availability

The HA Clustering was still experimental in the last release. In the meantime we’ve been hard at work overhauling the entire feature.

  • Improved HA user interface
  • HA feature sends notifications
  • Quorum HA disk is visually marked to prevent accidental removal
  • Simultaneous pool imports in split head HA scenarios are prevented using SCSI reservation
  • HA clusters can be created over Fibre Channel
  • Resources can be migrated manually from one HA node to another

Smarter data pools

Data pool functionality has also received a lot of attention. For instance, when a pool is imported:

  • iSCSI shares are automatically imported
  • attached backup schedules are automatically imported
  • attached VMware mappings are automatically imported

Easier to use iSCSI shares

The section has been visually transformed to make it even friendlier and easier to use.


Fast Tech. Support access

We pride ourselves by offering the best technical support possible. That’s why we’ve created an easy way to get help with just one click from the Help section.


ACL rules

This new version allows ACL rules to applied set and removed recursively on all subfolders


Other new features in 2.11

  • Rolling back to a previous backup now restores shares on the folder/vdisk
  • When joining Active Directory the user used to join will be mapped to local user root
  • Allow limiting Active Directory access to specified organisational unit
  • Improved internal logging system
  • Replication key names can be edited
  • Better user interface responsiveness
  • Error messages when failing to join an Active Directory
  • Specify maximum supported VMWare Hypervisor version

Fixes & Improvements

Our customers are very important so we always try to fix any quirks they might point out or others that we encounter along the way. Here are just a few:

  • Sort manual replication history by date and time
  • New mappings on datastore three will appear on refresh
  • Allow removing failed log devices when in mirror with another one
  • Allow creation of vlan with name: vlan
  • Removing an aggregate removes all persistent information related to it
  • Prevent user from manually exporting pools part of a HA
  • Prevent adding duplicate replication keys
  • Allow rollback of a backup after its last share was deleted
  • Do not rely on client’s time when authenticating
  • Imported pool automatically appears in statistics on dashboard
  • Allow adding IPs from the same network on different interfaces

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