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It’s here! What? you ask. Why the latest version of Syneto Storage OS of course. Version 2.10 of Storage OS brings a lot of new features, the addition of High Avalability (HA) clustering and a bunch of fixes. We’ll discuss all this and more in this article.

Support for VMware vCenter/ESX 5.1

You already know that Storage OS is the best way to store your VM data, so we always keep our VMware integration up to date. vSphere v. 5.1 make the VMware/Storage OS combo an even better at helping you build that better, greener, more efficient datacenter. Here’s a bit more information on the vSphere 5.1.


Transparent thick provisioned vdisk space requirements

Efficiency is the word of the day and one of the most important contributors to this is transparency. That’s why Storage OS gives you as much information on a first-glance basis as possible. Version 2.10 tells pre-calculates the amount of space a vdisk will require making the system even easier to use.


Default virtual disk block size

Newly created virtual disks will now have a 32k block size by default.

Export/Import of iSCSI/FC sharing configuration

The latest version of Syneto Storage OS allows you to import and export iSCSI and Fibre Channel sharing configurations such as host groups and LUN mappings.


Simple backup viewing for NFS users

Whenever an admin. is required to help a user accomplish a simple task, time and money is lost. Storage OS prevents this by allowing you to enable your NFS users to easily browse through they backups without contacting the storage administrator.


IP conflict display

If a network interface is down, the system now displays that another machine is using the same IP address. This make it easier to identify and remove IP conflicts on the same network.


More new features:

  • Backup replication autocompletes destination folder name
  • Fibre Channel configuration is now under System menu for easier access
  • Active iSCSI/FC shares are disabled before disk pool export
  • When importing a storage pool, existing logical unit numbers are also imported
  • IP duplication prevention
  • ESC key now closes dialog boxes
  • Notification when a backup is skipped because the storage pool is scrubbing
  • The system now allows you to replace a disk with a larger one

High Availability Clustering

What does a Storage OS HA cluster look like? It consists of Storage OS machines that continuously monitor each other for failures.

The machine machines running Storage OS are connected through various channels and communication protocols through which they exchange “heartbeats”. These pulses of information provide them with intelligence about their current status and that of the services running on them.


All this means you can gain business success through by easily collecting, protecting and accessing your data. view-of-high-availability-cluster-storageos

This feature is still experimental. Should this fact stop you from using it? No! Everything works and we actively encourage our users to try out new features an give us some feedback. So update your Storage OS to version 2.10 and contact Tech. Support to be one of the first to try the HA feature.

Last but not least, Fixes:

  • Allow editing disk pool when in degraded state (has missing or broken disks)
  • Prevent failure when replicating both daily and hourly backups to the same remote location
  • Allow multiple iscsi shares for the same hostgroup on different targetgroups
  • (Re)-add edit and delete buttons on folder/vdisk page

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